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Qasr el-Kharaneh
Wadi Araba
Male Ostriches running
Black-backed Jackal
Greek idyll
Bodie historic
Khazne Firaun from above
Northern Tetrapylon
Blooming desert
Relaxed camels in the desert
Donkey in Petra
Obelisk tomb
Under the milkyway tonight
Lion cub in Zimbabwe
Chobe Croc
Croco loco
African Fish-eagle
Swallow-tailed bee-eater
Sunset in Khaudom NP
Dead Vlei
Lilac-breasted Roller
Male lion in Etosha NP
View from Spreetshoogte Pass towards Namib desert
Springboks in Namib Naukluft NP
New England Foliage in Fall
Brooklyn Bridge
East River View
Foliage Stil Life

Some of my favorite pictures on panoramio

Namibia Forum - extremely helpful and very friendly community of friends of the country - auf Deutsch ...

Allgemeine Zeitung - a perfect source of local information on Namibia, if you speak German ...

Tracks4Afrika-Map  - a community of GPS users that provides excellent GPS maps from the african continent for a reasonable price. If you participate you get an update for free.

Help protecting our amazing planet - underwater and above!

Nikon - agreed, this is advertising. Still, for me the most valuable basis to (technically) get brilliant pictures.

Ikelite - solid, yet still not too heavy and relatively affordable DSLR housings for underwater shootings.